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Author Topic: life like sinking  (Read 35368 times)


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Re: life like sinking
« Reply #100 on: September 21, 2010, 08:00:59 »

Most people calling for more “realistic” sinking have only a foggy notion of how ships sink based on romanticized paintings of Titanic and Hollywood hyperbole.


Your comments really prove that the majority of your maritime knowlage comes from what you see in video games, and that your real world knowlege is lacking or non existent, which may not be any fault of your own but i fell as though i should fill you in on a few points that your comments have made me think of. in most cases when a vessel sinks it will list (that means go side to side) or heel (pitch forward or astern) now the reason for this is when a vessel is damaged water enters the hull  creating an effect known as free communication, this is where the flow of water into and out of the vessel is unrestricted. thus flooding the compartment that was damaged, now if watertight integrity was set then no big deal the space will flood and as long as it is not a major space the ship will survive, if watertight integrity was not properly set and a door or fitting was left open then the vessel will start to down flood and more spaces will become compremised. at a certin point (different with every vessel, and every situation as far as what was damaged) part of the boat is going to start "sinking", this is obviously due to the added weight, which has now changed the center of gravity and center of bouyancy, offten this results in the oppsite portion of the vessel to start to "come out" of the water. now often times when you see a boat that has (for example) the bow completly submerged and the stern nearly vertical this is because air has been trapped in that portion of the vessel eventually it will sink and it will be the "hollywood way" you mentioned on almost all of the cases that i have responded to not once have i seen an vessel go down equally both on its bow and its stern. the damaged portion usually goes first as you mentioned with the titanic. i think that i have hit everything that i wanted to on that subject, im sure i have missed somthing however.

on the topic of realistic sinkings in a simulator eventually no matter how good of a captian you are in the game you WILL sink i promise, and when you do you will apreciate a LITTLE realism, nothing to the extent that i explained above. and i think that is one thing that VSTEP did really well on, minus the sensitivity, but they say that they have already worked that out.

this boat slowly sank bow first until only the stern showed and stayed like that for a while and then away she went.

here is the MV Cougar Ace Listing hard to port, after her cargo (brand new mazdas) shifted in foul weather not a good day, all the vehicles were deemed no good by mazda and destroyed for liability reasons, you can see the USCG 378 in the background, same as whats in SSE

thats it for me,
Alexjuscg, OUT
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Re: life like sinking
« Reply #101 on: September 21, 2010, 17:03:42 »

I have been lurking on here for a while and decided to finally chime in.

SS series, like many have mentioned, is a sailing simulator not really focused on sinking. I think what they have is fine. Too add graphics for a splitting ship, or damage caused by rushing water would be very taxing on the current computer systems.

For those that want a sinking simulator, may I suggest the Silent Hunter series?



Honestly, ships sink in many different ways, and to add that to a game would be pretty rough. The physics involved in such an operation would be pretty substantial not to mention it wouldn't add that much to a game.

Then, like others have said, you would get companies not wanting their logo going to the bottom of the sea.

There are plenty of life videos of ships going down on YouTube as well. Even on US TV, the Discovery channel did an entire hour documentary on sinking an air craft carrier for an artificial reef. Needless to say, it took a while for her to go down. They had to set explosives off at precise time to get her to lay on her keel so it wouldn't be dangerous for divers.

The only way ships going down abnormally fast would be breaking apart, explosions, warfare, capsizing, rouge waves, etc. Unless you want to spend 30-120 minutes watching one go down, it's a waste of resources (programmer and computer) to add that into the game.


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Re: life like sinking
« Reply #102 on: September 22, 2010, 17:45:02 »

yeah they do i sank pride of rotterdam but i dont have a good pictures she sticked in the air like titanic dead cool it took ages but it was really cool

do you no how to get pictures took of the ship because it only works on walk through  :captain:

> http://virtualshipsandvirtualshiplines.weebly.com/

Aad The Pirate

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Re: life like sinking
« Reply #103 on: September 22, 2010, 19:06:47 »

Alas, in SSE it's a bit different then it was in SS08. There was a special photo-button, or you could take pictures by pressing F7.
Here, in SSE, you need an extra program like FRAPS, to take pictures (or make movies).
You'll find it at www.fraps.com , the evaluation copy is free of charge, just gives a bit of advertising in the top of the movie. Not sure about the pictures 'cause I use the pay-ware version.
Maybe later, after releasing of patch it will be possible to do it the SS08 way. Or Not  :evil:
Feel free to have a look @: http://members.chello.nl/a.vermeulen14/
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