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 on: July 26, 2023, 21:10:54 
Started by Duvorynn - Last post by Traddles
Hi, The system of building up reward money went out of action many years ago. ss2006 stopped being supported also a long time ago.


 on: July 22, 2023, 21:10:35 
Started by Duvorynn - Last post by Duvorynn
Whenever I finish the mission, the reward money gets to total awarded money, but as soon as I leave the game and restart it, the total goes back to 100 or 250, so basically the mission counts as finished (little plus sign before the mission name), but money isn't rewarded.
I know it's not a big deal cause it has no use in game, but would like to know is it a bug or just some glitch only on my end.
The game has all patches and tried reinstalling but the glitch is present every time.
If I do 2 or 3 missions in one session, it gets added to total, but after restart it's back at 100 or 250.

 on: July 18, 2023, 21:54:22 
Started by geosub1978 - Last post by LucAtC
Hello George,

1. Tested her roll against a quay in Marseille, nothing to be reported, no rolling. Please retry and give me more specific conditions of your test, sea state, harbor, quay? There are eventually some quays left without protection against bouncing.
2. Steering astern is rather hazardous above 3 to 4 kts, while letting the rate of turn be more than 30 or 40°/min, at the risk of an uncontrollable yawing astern. Isn't there a name for that?

The azimuth thrusters are at the very stern of the ship, meaning that the tunnels have almost no effect as her ship pivot point comes closer to the stern, the more the ship has a high block coefficient. The skeg is at her stern as well, where the stern thruster of Fairmount Sherpa was placed. Then, making way astern, the side thrust of the azimuth propellers will also be at the most unfavorable place.

Under 4 kts, the ship remains as controllable as a single screw ship making way astern, but it shouldn't be forgotten that she is anyway easily steered by her two powerful bow thrusters, that's also their main use.

As a side note, I think that such ships should need a second specific steering system, limited to 35 ou 37° both sides, enabling a "normal" steering en route, but I am not sure what the SOLAS rules could be for such an AHTS. Something like I did for the cruise ships in SSExtremes, where it was mandatory. I can eventually do it, but then I need a picture of interior of the bridge to see what I must do to add a new steering console/station.

About the repaint, alas no, I have no compiler or decompiler for the cgr files, but is is not really needed, one can easily see what parts of the models are concerned by the dds pictures, no need to change their names.


 on: July 18, 2023, 17:56:31 
Started by geosub1978 - Last post by geosub1978
Hello Luc!

"Toisa Anexartiti" is an excellent and realistic model. Only two things:

1. There is an odd heavy roll when pierside.
2. When heading astern and try to turn left (stern first) there is a tendency for rapid turn left which is not compatible with the ordered azi angle. I want to test this further.

I spoke with a friend of mine who can repaint the model but he needs to know how to open the "*.cgr" file. Do you know maybe?



 on: July 17, 2023, 23:27:37 
Started by geosub1978 - Last post by LucAtC
In fact, the new topics in this board  don't appear if you just look at the "Latest Post", underneath the home page, probably due to some error in the site, I don't know.
You should lok at the next line "View the most recent posts on the forum.",
Anyway, this is the link to this topic, appearing as a "community development", with a limited number of contributors, sub-board "Unofficial Patches", meaning not followed in the Shipsim.com site :


So, quite sure !

 on: July 17, 2023, 20:59:16 
Started by geosub1978 - Last post by geosub1978
Actually I meant the *.act of  the post July 14, 2023, 23:13:19 in this conversation. I can't find the rest folder of the beloved "Anexartiti" :) :). Sure you posted it there?

 on: July 17, 2023, 20:00:27 
Started by geosub1978 - Last post by LucAtC
By "The very last model", did you mean ToisaAnexartiti, from my topic in the Unofficial Ptches of the Community Development ?
Anyway, the 8 s necessary for the thruster to reach full thrust have been reduced to 4.8 s in the attachment, and as the data of the bowthruster of Fairmount Sherpa are well known, as we have her sea trials report, I was able to check at the same time the zero speed maximum rate of turn with 2x735 kW thrusters like mentioned in her pilot card, decreasing with ahead speed, zero "rudder".
In such conditions, the ship pivots somehow too easily, reaching 90° after a little more than one minute, eventually due to the light condition.
Fairmount Sherpa stern thruster was an Aquamaster of 736 kW, 10.5 t thrust, her bow thruster was 825 kW, 12.5 t thrust.
The file should be inserted in the following folder:


 on: July 16, 2023, 17:19:48 
Started by geosub1978 - Last post by geosub1978
This very last model of Fairmount Sherpa is very good indeed! It seems that the increase/decrease rate of bow thruster's RPM needs some acceleration by something like 40-50% but we can live with that! :)

A great thank you!

 on: July 15, 2023, 13:08:53 
Started by geosub1978 - Last post by geosub1978
Wow! I didn't know it was possible to shift between ships. Then, I will choose a cutter as second player ship and set it turning slowly with its double shafts with no advance and try to berth Fairmount on it! It may work that way then! I will keep you informed.


 on: July 15, 2023, 11:16:17 
Started by geosub1978 - Last post by LucAtC
How so? Not necessarily in multiplayer, it works also in freeroam, the more that one of your two ships is very slow, certainly enough to handle both in freeroam.

This feature is possible while the freeroam environments are mission xml files, edited and published by the mission editor. If you can create a simple mission, just adding bollards, tweaking weather and time, you just need to do the same by adding the player ships you need, e.g. FairmountSherpa modded and some Latitude,... they will also be equipped with deployable, etc. Bollards, player ships, are all the same.

Search for Freeroam.xml and you will find one in each of the environments, so that you can edit them at will, provided you keep a backup of the original file in case you want to use multiplayer later on.
You can share the environment with other players, of course, but don't forget to keep track of your changes, you can imagine why.
It goes without saying that the Freeroam.xml mission file should be saved or moved into the correct folder, for instance :

The only difficulty is to be cautious and to find a way to backup and rename the files without delay, storing the environments in backup folders and not messing with them. Some specific folder out of the way...

Here the original Mvsmith's explanation, about bollards only:

and my remarks in this one (just translated) :
It is simple, easy, just try it !


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