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Author Topic: The Shipyard - FAQ  (Read 58287 times)


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The Shipyard - FAQ
« on: July 04, 2008, 15:08:23 »

As a guideline, please find our "The Shipyard" FAQ with questions and issues about our new online vessel and environment shop. FAQ will be updated regularly, so check back:

Technical Questions

1) When will there be new ships/environments in the Shipyard?
Answer: We plan to update our Shipyard product catalogue each month, so keep checking back regularly for more content!

2) I have the Ship Simulator 2008 add-on New Horizons and want to buy a ship from The Shipyard?  Do I still need to update to v1.4.2? Which patch do I need to download?
Answer: Yes, even if you have New Horizons you still need to update to v1.4.2 to use Ships from The Shipyard.
Go to the downloads page and download the Ship Simulator 2008 - Update v1.3 -> v1.4.2 (62MB)

3) What language version of Ship Simulator 2008 or New Horizons do I need to use the Ships in the Shipyard?
Answer: The products (Ships/Environments/etc.) in The Shipyard are compatible with all language versions of Ship Simulator 2008 or New Horizons.

4) The Ocean Star is already included in New Horizons...why offer it on the Shipyard as well?
Answer: Besides offering all new ships like the Furie, we want to give Ship Simulator 2008 users that don't have the add-on New Horizons the option to download and sail the Ocean Star as well. Thanks to the Shipyard, players can choose individual ships they like and customize their game with an armada of choice. When a ship is already included in a previous add-on it will be clearly mentioned in The Shipyard. If you want the entire collection of New Horizons ships instead of purchasing individual ships, you can purchase the New Horizons add-on here!

5) Where can I get support for the SUPER PACK updates?
Answer: The developers of the SUPER PACK can give you support for their updates. You can find them in the Creators Forum!

Payment Questions

1) What payment methods can I use to make a purchase?

Answer: We accept all payments by Credit Card, Paypal (bank account transfer, direct payment or credit card) or iDeal.  

2) Why do I have to give my address details to VSTEP when I make a purchase?
Answer: When you register for payment, only the fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory, so your full address is not needed, although we advice you to enter all fields as this makes it easier for us to provide you with support.

3) I don't have a credit card. Is it possible to pay by bank transfer directly to VSTEP?
Answer: Yes it is. Due to the high costs of international payments, direct transfer from your bank account to VSTEP is possible only through Paypal. Go to www.paypal.com and open a free account. You can then transfer funds from your bank account into your paypal account and then purchase items from the Shipyard through paypal.  

4) What if I don't want to give my credit card details but still want to buy ships from the shipyard?
Answer: All transactions through the VSTEP website are secured and confidential. However, if for some reason you don't want to give out your CC details, or if you don't have a credit card, you can use paypal, a free and easy to use system where you can transfer funds from your CC to your Paypal account, or - if you don't want to use your CC - transfer funds from your bank account to your Paypal account.
Go to www.paypal.com for more info.

5) My parents don't think it's safe to buy things over the Internet. But surely it is?
Answer: All transactions through the VSTEP website are secured and confidential. If you still have reservations about giving your CC details through the internet, again, you can use Paypal as a free and easy-to-use alternative. Of course, if you are a minor, always make sure you have your parents permission before making a purchase.

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