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Author Topic: Can someone help me?? about how I get AI path node in ss08 mission editor??  (Read 25448 times)


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I don't know what I doing wrong. I not understand how I can get this to work. :(

Sorry for my bad English.

Can someone help me with the problem I have??

Thanks for answer. :-)

Eustache le Moff

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Hi Patmik99,

If you want to build an AI path, you first have to click on the AI tag in the upper right corner of the screen. This opens the AI path mode.
Then, go to the window in the upper right corner and click on NEW. This will open a pop-up window in the middle of the screen. There, you have to fill in a path name (can be chosen feely, for example Path1 or so). Having done so, you can click on OK and the name of the path appears in the list in the upper right corner.
Now, you can start building your first AI path by pointing with your cursor arrow on the spot where you want to place the first path node. Then, press the PASTE key (IMPORTANT: the key belonging to the scrolling section of your keyboard, not the one belonging to the numbers section) and a grey bullet with a number on it will appear. By repeating this operation, you can build your AI path. The path will be shown as a spiral in a certain colour. The first one will be red, the second one green etc.

If you want to start another path, click on NEW again and proceed as described above. You can switch between the different AI paths by clicking on the path names in the list in the upper right corner of the screen.

I hope this is of help

Best wishes

aka Eustache le Moff

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