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Author Topic: This Lad, want's Submarines in Ship Sims  (Read 1840 times)


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This Lad, want's Submarines in Ship Sims
« on: August 30, 2014, 08:22:30 »


If  there was an "Off the Topic " Section, in this forum, I would gladly post this, there.

No disrepect to SSE, member's
(or Ship Sim: Maritime search and rescue, members. Or other Ship Sim /game groups.)

While I was in Euro Sim Sim forum.

Pls enjoy. But I an not trying to offend, the writer in Q. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Quote from: AlphaGojira;34096318774855875
Its not a actual ship simulator unless it has:



The Titanic

And has a open world exploring element. Not a big fan of this “ports only then loading screens to… other ports!” deal.

BTW how many GOOD sub sims other then this Silent Hunter crap do you know of?

Virtual Sailor 7 was my favorite ship sim. And yes I know the graphics were crap but it was still more fun to play then Ship Simulator Extremes ever was.

My dream ship simulator is a long way off from being developed dude.

Submarines, clipper ships and steam liners,  huge open tropical worlds with lots of islands and small ports and reefs and shipwrecks to find and explore and cutting edge graphics and physics with open ended dynamic missions and multiplayer… and the ability to launch lifeboats and Alvin style mini subs from your mother ship like in SSE. Oh and the ability to upgrade your ship and repaint it and to buy new launches and mini-sub models from the ports with the credits you made from the open ended missions.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This from me.

Ahoy Matey.

Belay your steaming, like a Hurricane.

If I may say.

Please remember, to look at other threads, by Reel Big Chris one of the devls, of this Sim.

He did mention, this is a NON Violet sim. (like SSE, etc.)

If you want Naval Warfare, Subs, Ship, Patrol boats, etc.
(or even just sailing Navy vessels, you won't find many games, that just do that.)

As for Submarines, etc. seek:


They also, have a section, on other Naval games.
(Possibly, NON Steam versions.)

And to some Submariners, they don't like a Sub being called a " Ship "
(Real one's or gamers.)

As for what you put fwd about Silent Hunter, Such is a pity.

Many who have played, SH 2, 3, 4, and even 5.

Many, would begg to differ.

And they may not want to know about your comment.
(even the SSE group, steam and offical internet site, forums.)

And SH group.

For shame on you.

However, you have a right to your views, as long as it doesn't get out of hand.

As for the Titanic, try Ship Sim 2006, if not 2008? 

Titanic is on there.

In relation to Clipper Ships, Steam ships/ Ocean Liners, well you might like to fwd a
respectful letter, to many other sim game gruops. Good Luck too.

But, be warned, be rude and not respectful, or rant on, etc, will not help your cause.

As for "Age of Sail " ships, some games have ship saling or battles within the game.

And some of the Ship Sailing is quite fun. (or sailing and battles.)

For the moment, I can only think of:

Assasins Creed.

I think there are others?

as for older games

Empire, Total War. 

(Around George Washington's period.)

East India Company.


Pirates of the Carribean.

The fun of trying to Sail, with Full Sails blowing, but you are sailing into the wind, and getting nowhere fast. Ha!

Then, if you come about, to have the wind pushing you from behind, Oh how the speed picks up. ( and the gun battles, in the weather conditions, too.)

I think there might be other games, but I have a feeling most game devls/ gruops. don't find "Age of Sail" sailing appealing.

If you want to do it in great detail.

Manning the Ropes.

Going Aloft, (Crows nest, in landsmen or merchant shipping terms.) as look out.

Look out, on deck. (anywhere.)

Manning the Helm. (Steering, being in control, of the ships rudder, etc.)

Wallking on the Captain's deck, or the poop deck astern.

Below, deck. Eating, Sleeping, etc.

The Cook's Gallery area.

The Powder room. (not your face, mate. the Gunpowfer room.)

Among other decks, on board.

The Surgeons area.

You name it.

Wish someone, would do a " Master and Commander " Ship game, like the moive.

Or Hornblower. (both loosely about the same man.)

Lord Cochrane, the real man, of the HMS British Navy, of the late 1700s to mid 1800s.

You should read, the books. (depending on your age to grasp it, all.)

The writer of the Master and Commander series, also wrote some books (like other writers.) on ships and Captian and crew of Merchant shipping, of thier day.

And those about Clipper ships.

Oh, I am not meaning to run away, about War Ships, in all this chat.

And I have to ask, have you been on a Tall Ship?? (Sailing Ships)
(big or small??)

Here, in Australia.

I have been on a couple, saling.



And some that were docked for the weekend. Some among the group of site's below.
(had I the money, I would have joined the day tour, sailing on those, in Melbourne, it would have been a blast.)


(Had ticket's, but engine broke the week before, damm.)



(Sadly, I was sick and all my money when to get better.)

(static musuem, but still good.)

Sister ship to the James Craig.

Sadly, I missed the Austrlain HMS Bounty (Bligh's ship.)
(now in Asia.)

Worse still is the loss, of the American, version of HMS Bounty.

Oh, another, I wish.

HMS Rose, this ship is in America. used in " Master and Commander "
(wish she would do a trip Downunder.)

For fun:

Tall ships for sale:


So take care what you say Me Hearty.

Or Ye, be Keel Hauled, or tied to the mast for 48hrs.

And no plank, we just throw you to the Sharks.
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