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Author Topic: Posting Pictures & Copyright Issues - Please read!!  (Read 7001 times)


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Posting Pictures & Copyright Issues - Please read!!
« on: May 23, 2011, 18:43:13 »

Hi everyone,

All these forum games we're playing really are good fun!

But what a lot of us might not realise, is that posting the images and photos that one finds on the internet, sometimes ammounts to copyright violations. These are not always free to take and to post, or to hotlink to. (meaning, using the url of the parent site, and putting the img tags around it to display it here.)

So we would like to ask you all, if and when you do participate in one of the many picture based games, to do your best to also note in your post - if such information is available to you - what the source is of your picture, and to give credit to the photographer if his or her name is mentioned on the site. And if such a site does not allow hotlinking, then kindly try to host it yourself somewhere and give due credit, or find something else to post.

A lot of pictures, and we realise this, are found on sites that do not indicate any source either. It won't always be possible, but please try you best to include this whenever it is possible, so that there won't be any trouble when popular sites that host a lot of the pictures that seem to end up here, are not too happy with what's going on.

Thank you all very much for your cooperation!!

Kind Regards,
The Forum Team
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