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Author Topic: Technical FAQ  (Read 25418 times)


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Technical FAQ
« on: April 26, 2007, 08:34:17 »

    What are the system requirements for Ship Simulator 2006?
    • Your PC will need at least the following specifications to run Ship Simulator 2006:
      - Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista
      - 2 Ghz Intel® Pentium® IV or AMD® Athlon™ processor
      - 1 GB RAM
      - 4x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
      - Approx. 700 MB free hard disk space
      - NVidia GeForce4 (not GO or MX versions) or faster / ATI 8000 or faster
      128MB graphics card.
      - Sound card
      - Mouse with scroll wheel

    Why does the game crash before start up?
    • Some people experience a problem when the game tries to start up. At 95% it stops or crashes. The 95% loading problem is usually caused by a 3D graphics card of too low spec. Try to download the latest drivers (Nvidia or Ati)

    I have a GeForce 4 MX card, but the game won't run!
    • A GeForce 4 MX card is not sufficient for this game. The GF4 non-MX cards with 64MB are sufficient, when the graphics quality settings are set to low (= performance high). Graphics cards with just 64 MB memory should be set to the lowest quality settings, like Anti-Aliasing to 0.

    Why do I not have a navigation chart?
    • When you do not see the navigation chart, it usually means that your 3D card does not meet the minimum spec.

    My screen turns white at start up
    • A white screen at start-up is usually caused by incorrect combination of resolution and frequency. You can experiment with other settings under Settings and also in the config.dat file of the game's installation folder.

    My game crashes/will not load
    • Other crashes can be caused by outdated drivers of graphics card, motherboard, and sound card. If you have an old graphics card and a reasonable spec PC, you could consider upgrading it with a new 3D card.
      Crashes during loading the game can also be a sound driver issue. Maybe one of your software de-installations took away a shared sound driver or other sound middle-ware component.
      Try this codex pack:

    I get a 'libmysql.dll' error
    • We have a solution for the problem with the libmysql.dll error:
      Create a backup of your current libmysql.dll in your WINDOWS/System32 folder.
      After that copy the libmysql.dll from the ship_simulator_2006_installation_path/3rd folder to your WINDOWS/System32 folder.

    Why is there a [ + ] sign in front of the mission name?
    • This sign tells the user that this missions has already been completed successfully.

    Where did the missions go?
    • When patch 1.7 is installed when using a 1.3 or older version of the game, the patch overwrites the config.dat file. If you are missing your (user created) missions after installing the patch, then your default game language has changed.
      To fix this you need to open the config.dat file (located in the root installation folder) using a text editor and change the <LANGUAGE> xx </LANGUAGE> value to your preferred language. Possible languages are:
      EN -> UK English
      FR -> French
      ES -> Spanish
      IT -> Italian
      DE -> German
      NL -> Dutch
      US -> US English
      CA -> Canadian
      PL -> Polish

    I have a non-listed problem
    • Please update your game to version 1.8. Is your game up to date? Then please post your question in the technical support section of the forum (only reachable with an activated license key).
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