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Author Topic: I miss some features from SS08  (Read 807 times)


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I miss some features from SS08
« on: August 28, 2010, 16:02:08 »

First of all: The graphics and realism is just great.   :2thumbs:

But I miss some things: :thumbdown:

The second freely movable camera position (which is on key '4 '). I had always considered the top view (or with tugs the view from the front), so in narrow passages  it was possible to switch quickly between two views ('1 'and '4'), to get a quick overview. Furthermore, it was possible to move the camera positions quick and accurate around the whole ship with the keyboard. With SSEX I´m missing these two features, it is only possible to move with the mouse what's always takes some time (and you loose seconds in difficult situations) and it´s not so precise.

The map can not zoom out far enough so that you can not make whole overview over the whole port area.

If you have the view from behind of the ship and zooms in close, the overlay controls obscure parts of the ship. In SS08, especially after the Shipyard updates solved better (controls on left side and not centrally).

Why do these things have been removed without trouble and without apparent reason? I don´t understand this. ???
The operation is more complicated. This suffers the joy of playing. I hope this is resolved quickly by update.

The graphics and detail is great, but the driving is more fun with SS08. And that's not the purpose of a new game.  :(

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