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Author Topic: Ships that may be in SS Extremes  (Read 2933 times)


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Ships that may be in SS Extremes
« on: May 20, 2010, 15:20:50 »

This is only for vessels either confirmed to be in SSE or seen in official videos, screenshots, or interviews.

This list is maintained by McGherkin.

If you have any candidates for inclusion, you may post them here, along with your evidence that they may be in SSE. Please keep your posts brief.
It would be better to send a PM to McG because we want to keep this topic as short as possible. Suggestions posted here may be removed after they are incorporated into the list. (Credit will be given in the list.)

All off-topic posts will be removed without warning or explanation.
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Re: Ships in SS Extremes
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2010, 17:16:06 »

Could queries or finds be PM'ed to me? I don't want this topic getting as cluttered as the last one, sorry! :doh:

Well here is the current, up to date list. All these have been spotted in screenshots and videos. A list of the screenshots and where the ships are in them is here. They may be static, AI or player vessels.

The un-Official SSE Ship List

BOLD is new additions. This list is not official and is subject to change.

Karel Doormand
La Fayette
Coastguard Cutter
Coastguard Interceptor 'Cod'
Rainbow Warrior III
Billy G
Agile Solution (also seen as Oriental Bluebird)(MVEsperanza/NathanC/RYAN123)
Harpoon Boat Yushin Maru (MVEsperanza/NathanC)
Pride Of Rotterdam
Titanic (Not in initial release, available later (mvsmith))
Portoferraio Angel
Fairmount Sherpa
Red Jet 4
Erik Raude
Oil Rig (Gas)
Arie Visser
Mare Australe (Wachthaven III)
Power Cruiser
Fishing Vessel Sigita (Matthew Brown) (Bonus Preorder vessel)
Bugsier 2 (NathanC)
Orient Star (MVEsperanza)
Lifeboat (mvsmith)
Unnamed RHIB (Greenpeace?) (MVEsperanza)
Small USCG Interceptor (McGherkin)
Whale Factory Ship Nisshin Maru (MVEsperanza/NathanC)
Helicopter (McGherkin)
Red Eagle (Frank_VSTEP)
Jack-up Rig (MVEsperanza)
Ocean Prince (Aad The Pirate)

Find anything not here? PM me
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