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Author Topic: WARNING! Uploading from the Mission Editor  (Read 30228 times)


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WARNING! Uploading from the Mission Editor
« on: February 03, 2010, 22:04:27 »

It is not necessary to Upload your mission in order for you to test or play it.

Clicking File > Upload mission (in the upper left corner of the ME) submits your mission to the Custom Mission Managers (CMM) for their testing and approval. Do not do that unless you believe that your mission is complete and conforms to the requirements for submission:,4942.0.html

If you submit an incomplete or trivial mission, it makes unnecessary work for the CMMs. They then must send you a PM (often requiring them to search through a very large member list), which is often ignored by the recipient.

Unacceptable missions include:
Missions with no waypoints. You can make free roaming missions for your own enjoyment, but you must never upload them.

Missions with every player ship in the SS fleet.
Missions consisting only of one or more Titanics and one or more icebergs.

Missions whose title tells the CMMs to perform an unnatural act.

Sadly, we have received all of the above kinds; many, many of the first three. The fourth earns a permanent ban.

Do not open another creator’s mission and then upload it, even with minor changes. That is theft, and will be dealt with harshly.

After receiving three junk missions from the same user without receiving any response to his PMs, it is understandable that a CMM might simply delete any further submissions by that user from the upload list without examining it.

On the other hand: If you have made an attempt to create a mission that conforms to the guidelines, the CMMs are happy to test your mission and send you a PM telling you of any problems they find, and even suggest where you can find information to help you fix it.

Your cooperation in this matter would be appreciated.

To help you create a good mission, there is a Mission Editor tutorial that you can download in PDF form from here:,2886.0.html
There is also a Missions Manual that explains how missions work.
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