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Author Topic: Which ferry or car ferry would you like to see added to Ship Sim in the future?  (Read 94918 times)


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Quote from: Wikipedia
In 2006, Tallink purchased the Baltic Sea operations of Superfast Ferries from Attica Group

Years ago this ship had too "Superfast" on the side, but now is Tallink.


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I like to see one of marine atlantic ferries added.  :2thumbs:

1. MV Atlantic Vision Vessel Specifications

MV Atlantic Vision was built in Kiel, Germany in 2002. The vessel operated between Scotland andBelgium from 2002 to 2004, then between Estonia, Finland and Germany, before being chartered by Marine Atlantic in 2008.
The vessel will operate on Marine Atlantic's Province of Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia ferry routes until 2013. She is 203 metres long with a capacity for upto 531 cars, and can travel at speeds upto 27 knots.
Registry Classification
Cyprus Class: IAA, + AMS, +ACCU
Ice class: IAA/Finnish IA Super
Tonnage Safety Equipment
Gross Tonnage: 30285
Net Tonnage: 10769 Lifeboats/capacity: 4 x 150
Liferafts/capacity: 16 x 25 / 8 x39
Rescueboats: 1 FRC+ 1 RB
Safety Management Certificate: Valid till 05.28.2009
Dimensions Access
Length oa: 203.3 m
Length bp: 187.197m
Breadth: 25 m
Depth to bhd deck: 9.1m Ro-Ro bow and stern loading(clam shell)
Vehicle decks: 4
Bi-Ievel loading ramps
Capacity Machinery
Max Passengers: 962
Max Cars: 531
Passenger cabins: 196
Outside cabins: 103
Passenger lower berths: 376
Passenger total berths: 662
Crew cabins/berths: 46/72
Max number of persons: 1054 (including crew)
Seats inside: 779
 Main engine type: 4 x Wartsila-Sulzer NSD
16 Z AV 40S
Auxiliary engine type: 3 x MAN 8L 28/32 H
Bow thrusters input: 2x 1910 KW
Stern thrusters input: 1 x 1350 KW
Power output 'MCR': 4 x 11,520 kW
BHP(horsepower):61,700 horsepower
(46 Megawatts)
Economical speed:22 knots
Maximum speed:27 knots
Fuel Consumption Area
ME fuel consumption: 7.35 tons/hour (4 engines)
AE fuel consumption: 8 tons/24 hours
(in port only)
Boiler fuel consumption: 7 ton/24 hours
3 ton/24hours (in port only) Total interior area :4461.2
Pass, public area inside: 1605
Pass, open deck: 7 and 10 Deck
Shop area: 79m2 (boutique+gift shop)
Restaurant area : 1141
Measurements Other Information
Lane length 1: 1923.6 m(Truck Lane Meters)
Lane length 2: 502.3m(Car Lane Meters)
Free height on car deck: 2.2m(D1), 2.95m(D2), 4.5m(D3), 4.8m(D5)
Bow ramp and widths: 4.5 x 5 (D3), 4.5 x 5 (D5)
Stern ramp and widths: 4.7 x 8.8 (D3),
4.5x 6.1 (D5) Call sign: C4LA2
IMO No: 9211509
Stability: SOLAS 90
Damage compartment no: 2
Draught max, 1AS: 6.67
Air draught: 39.17m
DWT: 5525 t
Light Weight: 13 456 t
Means of stabilization: Retractable fins
Total Generator output: 3 x 1848 kW+ 2x 2100
kVA (Shaft Generators)
Voltage: 440 V 60Hz
Service speed 85%: 25.5

2. MV Caribou Vessel Specifications

MV Caribou was built by Versatile Davie Shipyard in Lauzon, Quebec and delivered in 1986. She is a roll on/roll off ferry designed to carry passengers and vehicles. The MV Caribou was built especially for the Marine Atlantic ferry service between Port aux Basques, Newfoundland and Labrador and North Sydney, Nova Scotia, a distance of 96 nautical miles.  
Registry Classification
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador Lloyd's: 100A1
Ice Class: Northern Baltic 1A Super
Tonnage Safety Equipment
GRT - 27,212 tons
Displacement - 16,203 tons
Dead Weight - 3,662 tons 48 x 42 life rafts
4 x 9 life boats
Dimensions Tank Capacity
Length oa - 179m
Length bp - 165 m
Breadth - 25 m
Loaded Draft - 6.6m Fuel oil: 620.5 cubic meters
Fresh water: 754.8 metric tons
Capacity Machinery
1800 Lane Meters

Passengers - 1,200
Crew complement - 106 summer, 68 winter
 Main engines: 4 MAK, 8-cyl
BHP (horsepower) 7,000 each
Auxiliary: 3 MAK, 2,400 hp
Propellers: Twin Ka Me Wa
Thrusters: Twin bow KaMeWa, Twin Aft KaMeWa
Economical speed: 15 knots
Maximum speed: 22 knots
Facilities Access
Snack bar
Bar lounge
Seating lounge
TV lounge
Video arcade
Outside deck seating
Dormitory berths
Cabins: 49 x 4 berths
Children's play room
Infant changing room
Gift shop
First aid room
Public showers
Dog kennels
Access for passengers with disabilities Ro-Ro bow and stern loading (Bow visor)
Two vehicle decks
Shore based bi-level loading ramps

Thanks Stormforce for the awesome banner :) MV Princess Acadia in sig.


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Nice ferry's ;)


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i would love to see the Dover-Calais route added and to have ones like SeaFrance, P&O, NorfolkLine and all the ferries which come and go from dover
i just want to say what routes id love to have added:
i came from dunquirqe to dover just yesterday on NorfolkLine as i was coming to england to visit my grandad becuase i live in germany but im british
orfolkLine its more comfortable but thats my opinion

Daniel Cho

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I am sorry to say this for people who said about ferries that goes like 10knots or below because I personaly think it would be too slow to be in the ship sim 2010.  :'(


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Incat 050  (pic on earlier post)

 or the tallink ships  ( pic on earlier post too)


Captain Cadet

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Stena Europe
Captain Cadet
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SR-N4, Duh!  :doh:
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K Jack

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Captain Jack, explorer of seven seas.


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I am sorry to say this for people who said about ferries that goes like 10knots or below because I personaly think it would be too slow to be in the ship sim 2010.  :'(

Sailing ships, isn't a racegame

Captain. Mitch

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Here are some Feryes what i would like to see.

Minoan lines Feryes.

Anek line Ferryes.

Jadrolinija ( Croatia ) feryes.

That's ti. Nice Ferryes. I like ferryes but there are some feryes already in the game, P&O it's cool.

K Jack

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Sailing ships, isn't a racegame

I concur, regardless if a ship is tall or short, fast or slow and big or small its how it runs in reality into the game. I don't even mind it.
Captain Jack, explorer of seven seas.


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I would like to see the San Francisco ferry peralta. I have been
on that ferry!
« Last Edit: February 23, 2011, 02:15:04 by SHIPPY67 »

The Ferry Man

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I would like to see the San Francisco ferry peralta. I have been on that ferry!

Nice  :thumbs:

What is she like?


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 !:)i would like mv faust car carrier and oasis of the seas
« Last Edit: February 19, 2010, 17:17:45 by dexter7 »
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this :lol: :lol:

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The Peralta is a ship that operates beetween Alameda and San Francisco.



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The Ferry Man

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Great looking ferry, nice design - would do well in the SF Environment


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I would like them to bring the wightlink to the next game :)

The Ferry Man

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Might be tough as they have Red Funnel...

But you never know, a one-direction VSP ferry could be good

Daniel Cho

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i would like to see Coastal Renaissance
and the Nortern Expedetion


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« Reply #123 on: July 20, 2010, 20:01:27 »

I think we all get a little bit distracted from the main topicstarter's theme
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this :lol: :lol:

YEAAH :D Same here a Fast ferry what can caary passanger and cars :)

or Stena Discovery  :2thumbs:

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