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Author Topic: testing simulator  (Read 117 times)
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« on: May 17, 2017, 20:30:19 »

I start studying for my ship handling licence on Brazil, so I decide test this simulator in some manoeuvres using the VLCC and I found in some manoeuvre, the ship acting too different from it suppose to act. Like the manoeuvre "Half astern to dead in the water", after she is putting in 6 kts, rudder amidships, she is putting half astern, rudder amidships until dead in the water. If this ship is right hand propeller, I expect she about 80 to 90 degree to starboard from the start heading when she is dead in the water (no wind, no current and no shallow water), and this didn't happened. The start heading was 263 and the final heading 287 (only 25 degree to starboard).

So, if I can do a suggestion, is first, give more ship's detail, like, kind of propulsion, kind of propellers and drafts.

Another thing is about the chart, we should be able to save the positions on the chart, to make a history and increase the possibilities for this simulator.
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