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Author Topic: UnitedFerries! [Virtual Sailor Company]  (Read 2931 times)


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UnitedFerries! [Virtual Sailor Company]
« on: January 29, 2009, 18:32:49 »

Are you up for joining a Virtual Ferry Company for the Channel Islands and Isle of Man?

if you prefer frieght or passenger trips, either convential ferries or fast ferries join UnitedFerries we use multiplayer and the ferry companys are Isle of Man Steam Packet Company and Condor Ferries. This is for people who would like to have a good time with other people and we will try to make it more realistic.

We have many Ferries in our Company, but most of which we are awaiting modeling
The Ships we are awaiting modeling are.....

Condor Ferries fleet:
Condor Express & Vitesse: (possible modeler found) current version needs more relistic shape and size with more detail.
Condor 10: currently under construction
Commodore Clipper & Goodwill: no current downloads

Steam Packet Company fleet:
Ben-My-Chree: no current download
Snaefell: currently under constuction.
Manannan: no current model

We also have a new ship under construction which is the HSC Mona's Isle which is a 74 meter INCAT Wave Piercier purchased by INCAT.

We also have a frieght diversion for thouse of you who don't like passanger ships which run from ports all over the UK and around the world.

We are also looking for tug sailors to help ships dock and tow certain barges.

So if you would like to join this company and possibly help model some of these ships visit:

Thanks and hope to have you aboard soon

the UnitedFerries team


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Re: UnitedFerries! [Virtual Sailor Company]
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2009, 18:51:24 »

I really dont think its popular to make "clans" for virtual sailor on a Ship Simulator forum...  :police:


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Re: UnitedFerries! [Virtual Sailor Company]
« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2009, 18:54:31 »

Hi tractorman,

I must agree that this is not the place to form virtual sailor groups/clans..

You can discuss other titles in small talk, but recruiting for a clan is pushing the envelope a bit too much..

I'm sorry, but this kind of topic really belongs on the VS boards, not here.

I'm locking the topic, I hope you understand. Your post may remain so that you have your advertisment (for now anyway..), but the potential clan discussions that might follow, are not Shipsim related.

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