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Title: ship dynamics for silly kids ?
Post by: ACR on December 04, 2017, 00:18:14
hey gents !

 i tried the esperanza and well... its just for a laugh . very smoth multiple throttle inputs and she spins like a toy . stop he engines and she stops like being in concrete , no inertia at all. this is a joke for kids ? simulator ?
Title: Re: ship dynamics for silly kids ?
Post by: LucAtC on December 04, 2017, 02:52:25
Hello ACR,
Didn't you, just eventually, lose a file of Esperanza? I had a look at her 4 years ago, and probably didn't change anything to her dynamics. Certainly no concrete to be found!
I think to remember that she not only had rather slow CPP, and was so to speak green, with diesel electric propulsion after having been refitted. There was also another kind of electric propulsion at slow speeds (5 kts?), and a central rudder, which makes it not too easy to go astern with supra-convergent propellers.
I'll have a look asap, but you can try her normal dynamics, like you did before for other ships, replacing the existing file?
C:\Program Files (x86)\Vstep\ShipSimExtremes\Projects\ShipSimExtremes\Data\Entities\Dynamics
Please have a look too, that there is no such file in a possibly existing Documents\ShipsimExtremes Userdata folder, as it would be called at program start instead of the regular file.
Anyway, your suggestions remain welcome.

Title: Re: ship dynamics for silly kids ?
Post by: ACR on December 04, 2017, 15:22:15
hey ! thanks for your hints and the act. file - i tried it but the esperanza has with this file tha same characteristics . you may try to just apply 2-3 % throttle on one side and you will see she will develop completely unrealistic arcade like turning circles . the same happens when you stop both engines - she quickly comes to a dead stop .

Title: Re: ship dynamics for silly kids ?
Post by: Traddles on December 04, 2017, 17:58:46
I have read your posts and Luc's reply with interest. I decided I would load "Esperanza" in free roaming mode to see just how she performs on my computer. I currently have an .act file dated 1.6.2013. and can find no behaviour such as you have experienced! I then substituted the file Luc posted above to see what resulted. Just as I expected absolutely no problems of any kind. The ship took 1m41s to reach a speed of 14 knots and when I stopped the engines the ship was still carrying way at 3.4 knots after 2 minutes and at 2.3 knots after 3 minutes. No concrete effects there!! I then put 3% power on the starb'd engine and the only response was between 0 degrees/min and 2 degrees/min. of turning.  As Luc has said the problem would seem to lie in your set up or a computer problem.
Kind regards,

Title: Re: ship dynamics for silly kids ?
Post by: LucAtC on December 04, 2017, 19:01:44
Hello Angus,
I too am slightly puzzled. 118RPM/pitch 3% ahead at starboard results in a 0.5 kts ahead, and after an initial yawing of 5 to 7°/min to gradually less than 0.5°/min to port side: Quite unlike ACR's data.
It looks like replacing the file didn't work
There is also a tiny and remote possibility that the folder containing the ship herself contained wrong information, and some could interfere with the dynamics because of the shared resources. Attached, the full compressed folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Vstep\ShipSimExtremes\Projects\ShipSimExtremes\Data\Entities\Ships\Esperanza
Win10 has some difficulties to copy paste files in both program folders x86 and 64, but I think you should have been warned to do it as an administrator. It is clear nevertheless that someting went wrong. The act file being in xml text, you could eventually also bypass windows with an editor that doesn't care about the limitation, and replace the content of the file?
In fact, Win10 accepts edition of the files, but doesn't update the last access and modifying DTGs, at least on my PC.
Christmas is coming, hopefully we will receive good news from Pjotr after he left Vstep and us...

Kind regards,
Title: Re: ship dynamics for silly kids ?
Post by: Traddles on December 05, 2017, 11:30:26
Hello again Luc,
I read the last line of your post above with interest, so I visited the Vstep web site and found, as you say that Pjotr has resigned as CEO of the Company at the end of November. I have many happy memories of contacts with Pjotr in the early days of the Ship Simulator games, and how he was so keen to have such contacts. I was very sad to hear of his terrible accident in the USA, but likewise pleased to hear of his steady recovery.
To return to your post above, do I dare hope that what you say means that possibly we could look forward to some news very soon? After losing my dear Wife Beryl in July I have been trying very hard, by losing myself in the games, to come to terms with my loss. It has been very difficult for me as we had been together from our first "date" in 1954, for sixty three years.
I will close by wishing you and yours "All the best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to come."
Kind regards,

Title: Re: ship dynamics for silly kids ?
Post by: ACR on December 05, 2017, 13:24:46
hey luc , i copied the entire ship folder , made sure doing this as administrator and i,m stunned !

the dynamics are now much better and match your test results - no more dead stop in concrete and no more arcarde turning radius !

further i have now an esperanza i NEWER saw on my machine ! she has a bow thruster which i never had , it has much more lightning animated and she has a third RIB in the middle on the top rack .

i have version 1.55.  did i missed something or did you send me a custom version of this ship ?

thank you so much for your great help and support - i still have fun in playing sse on my new machine because its first time i can do it on graphics maxed out and with smooth framerates .

angus : so sad to hear about your loss , there are no words for it . i wish you all the luck and power and a merry christmas !

Title: Re: ship dynamics for silly kids ?
Post by: Traddles on December 05, 2017, 15:27:54
I am very pleased to hear that, with Luc's help, you have solved your problem. I know he will also be pleased for you. Luc is actually a fully qualified Naval Architect, and one of the developers of the games. You can always be sure of help from him, a great Guy indeed.
  Thanks for your kind words, over the past few months many members have been very thoughtful and kind, which has been a great support for me. Even though there are few of us "Oldies" still about, it has been a great forum for many years now.
Best wishes,